Awarity – The continuous Training platform

Our main focus and product – the online training platform for your continuous training campaign. Awarity follows the concept of continuous training and uses e-Learning combined with reporting and a reward system to train you employees in an efficient and sustainable way. Awarity supports different kinds of training content. Our current overview of training courses can be found here.

Using Awarity provides your company with a lot of opportunities. But before you can benefit from your users’ ideas and knowledge, you have to make the platform available to them. We will support you during the entire establishment process and help you to reach your employees initially.

If you cannot find your specific training topic or want to receive further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Audit & Test Simulation

In order to determine the status of your employees learning progress, Awarity offers to perform content based audits. Together with your team of experts, we will define a scenario for a test simulation, like phishing mails, test purchases or handling of found USB sticks. The simulation will run in order to indicate how you employees will react in a real situation.

As a result, we will provide a detailed report about your employees’ behavior during the simulation. This will enable you to set focus on certain training aspects, which have the need of further in-depth training.

Awareness Campagin

You want to launch a long-term awareness training campaign? We support you during the entire process of planning, establishing, measuring and improving. Together with your team of experts, we will design an awareness campaign that fully covers your individual requirements. During the initial phase, we will focus on getting to know your company and understand its core business. After determining the scope, we will plan and implement the campaign. In order to identify improvement opportunities, an ongoing measuring system will be set up.

Together with your team, Awarity will monitor the campaigns effectiveness and improvement measures will be implemented on a regular basis.

Live Role Playing

The goal is to train a certain group of your employees by performing a live role play. They will assume pre-defined roles during a scenario and have to act accordingly. The role play scenario usually depends on the training content and will be accompanied by two or more of our experts.
To meet all your individual requirements, the scenario can be adapted individually.

Workshop & Training

In order to provide deeper knowledge to a specific group of your employees, Awarity provides individual workshops for different topics. Such workshops may be performed by our experts or partners. If you are interested in a workshop regarding a specific content, please do not hesitate to contact us.