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Awarity – Policy Checker

The amount of policies and guidelines within a company continues to grow. Clear information is often not accessible, because the necessary documents are stored somewhere on a network storage. As a result, for employees it is not always easy to make fast and compliant decision. Until now. The Policy Checker provides your staff with a decision making support tool, which enables them to make fast and easy decisions.

The app displays your guidelines in the form of structured decision trees. Your employees navigate through the content by simply answering yes/no questions in order to determine their situation. At the end of a tree, they are presented with an informative guidance on how to handle their issue. In case, a recommended action requires a report of an employee or they have further questions regarding a certain topic, an end node can optionally be extended by a form. For each form, an individual e-mail address can be defined and it enables an employee to directly send a report to the configured address.

Policy Checker - Decision Tree Example
The content of the decision trees is fully customizable and it can tackle a wide range of topics.

You want to know more about the Policy Checker? Do not hesitate to contact us or check out our app by using the public demo account: demo@awarity.at | demo.

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