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e-Learning today

Our e-Learning solution is an online training platform, which combines classic e-Learning with a continuous approach and a rewarding system. This enables our customer to train a high amount of employees in a sustainable way.

Training your employees is a crucial part for a successful company. The major issue is to train all you employees in an efficient and sustainable way. Often the fictive scenarios of training, the missing link to current situations and the increasing work pressure are reasons that the employees forget the training content very soon.

The basic concept of Awarity is to split the entire training content into smaller pieces and provide it to the employees on a regular basis rather than once a year. Dealing with information security on a regular basis is the central aspect and guarantee for sustainability. The goal is to raise necessary security awareness and decrease security risks and incidents.


Awarity - eLearning Web

Awarity understands learning as taking lessons learned from your mistakes. Based on this, the employees do have to conduct several courses of a certain topic. Those courses usually consist of multiple choice questions, gab texts as well as videos, pictures and slide shares. In order to finish a track, the employees have to perform five levels.

Answering the questions correct results in getting to the next level. A course can only be completely finished if all questions of all levels are correctly answered. After that, the course has to be taken again after the re-certification time. In case of answering a question wrong, the user will receive an explanation text, which provides clues to the correct solution and at the same time a waiting time will be set. After the timer ran out, the user can try to solve the question again.

Message of the Day

This message provides a daily short information for your employees. Such an information can be a generic advice, a change of company policies or a critical information of the day.

The messages are usually provided by Awarity or its partners prior to releasing them to your employees. Adaptions and new messages can be integrated by yourself or you can be received by Awarity’s upstream.

Continuous Improvement

Awarity is not only e-Learning. The integrated reporting module enables your employees to directly post improvement ideas or issues via web or smartphone. Your staff is absolutely anonymous by doing so. The reports are saved in the system and it is the responsibility of an internal or external team to moderate those posts. After that, the reports are provided to the other employees via the company timeline in order to show them examples of improvement ideas. This guarantees that your employees can identify themselves with ongoing topics around your company.

The anonymity increases the employees’ motivation to post new reports as they do not have to fear direct consequences.


Awarity - Statistics

Training your employees is one thing. In order to provide optimal training material and measures, it is necessary to stay informed about your employee’s learning progress.

Awarity enables you to stay up to date about all your employee’s progress by getting detailed statistics. This includes statistical information from the e-Learning module as well as results from the reporting module. You can view the statistics via the browser. Basically we differ between company-wide statistics and personnel information.

The user based statistics show the progress and successes for each user within their own dashboard. The company based information reports overall statistics about all employees.

Training Courses

The content of Awarity’s courses is fully customizable and can be adapted to fulfill your individual requirements. You can choose any of our available courses and further topics can be addressed by yourself or together with our team. The content of the courses can also be provided individually for certain departments or persons. This guarantees, that all your employees receive the optimal training content.

You can have a look at our current available courses using the products menu. Some of our courses are provided and maintained by our partners. Those topics are marked with a link and the logo of the respective partner. If you have any questions regarding the content or are interested in a demo, do not hesitate to contact us.