Continuous Training

Awarity continuous training

Our Approach

Training of employees is a crucial condition for a successful company. The question is how to train all your employees in an efficient and sustainable way?

Awarity provides a training platform, which tackles those exact problems by following the concept of continuous training. The platform supports the establishment of an ongoing training campaign and manages to take care of the so called forgetting curve. Awarity pursues the concept of interaction on a regular basis and through continuous training that curve gets shifted. To achieve this goal, the app consists of three core elements – reporting, e-Learning and rewarding.

For example, an employee who has an improvement idea or identifies an issue regarding the training content is able to report that directly by using the app or web solution. The information is sent to the company’s trusted trainer team, which has the responsibility to moderate the reports. Afterwards the information is published on the company’s timeline to show other employees potential ideas and issues. Furthermore, information regarding the training content can easily be communicated to the employees using for example the “Message of the Day”. Using different kinds of quizzes, it is possible to verify the employees learning progress. Additionally, the employees get rewarded with points for every action that is done within the application. Gaining points, the user is able to get further rewards.


E-Learning is an essential part of Awarity´s continuous training solution. Our module enables your company to provide information to your employees and verify their learning progress as well.

Using the message of the day your company can provide relevant information on a daily basis. Your employees are presented with several quizzes to take in order to complete a certain training course. That assessments give your company an overview about your employees’ knowledge. Quizzes are easy to use, available via web and smartphone solutions and include simple multiple-choice questions, gap texts, videos and more.


Providing content is only one step towards a successful training. Your employees have to understand the importance of the training content. Encouraging that they are an essential part of the company’s success is necessary to gain benefits from their knowledge and ideas.

The e-Learning itself is only part of Awarity’s approach. An important piece is the continuous interaction of the users. While they participate in the different courses, they will be confronted with the topics again and again until the content is understood. Training your employees in an efficient and sustainable way, is way more than just learning.


Training is one thing. But what is your actual benefit of training your employees? Awarity enables your employees to directly and anonymously send improvement ideas or relevant information to the company. This information can be presented to all other employees and, if necessary, escalated to the affected department.

This way you have a direct return of investment as your company benefits from your employees’ posts. Sharing information among all your employees has never been that effective.

Awarity - Distribute Information

E-Learning made easy

Awarity´s way is to make e-Learning easy for the company and its employees. As a result, the company can use training courses from our wide range of training material or create its own. The content is imported into the back end system of the respective customer system and sent to all employees, independent from their client system.

Every customer has full control over the content and can decide what is being pushed to which employees. Awarity enables you to differ content between your own organizational roles. You can use Awarity´s content moderation module to alter any content and link specific courses to certain roles within your company. To fulfill your individual requirements, we help you to customize the content in accordance to your specific requirements.

The simple architecture of Awarity enables you to create all your content centralized and distribute it to all client systems all over the world at once. This also includes multiple languages. Your employees can access the training platform location and time independent via web, Android, iOS and Blackberry. This guarantees, that your employees are not disturbed during work hours, but can also access the content during their traveling or at home.

Using the integrated measurement module, Awarity enables you to get an overview about the learning progress of your staff as well as detailed insights about your employees’ engagement. As part of the measuring, Awarity provides information which employee has already finished certain courses and a list of courses still open.

If you are interested in Awarity, please have a look at our online demo and our app solutions for Android, Blackberry and iOS. We also would like to invite you to a webinar in order to give you a short demonstration of our solution and its functionality. For a webinar appointment, further information and your feedback, please contact us via mail.