Awarity – The Human Firewall

Awarity – The Human Firewall

Security Awareness Training for employees is a crucial condition for an effective protection of data. Security incidents often have an immense financial impact as well as a significant reputation damage. The causes of issues like data theft or corporate espionage are not always hacker attacks from technical experts but very often a lack of awareness as well as insufficient training of the employees.

The training course is based on regular interaction with the employees. For example, an employee who identifies a security vulnerability is able to report the issue directly by using the app. The information is sent to the company’s trusted security team, which has the responsibility to make the report anonymous and rate the issue. Following these steps, the report is published on the company’s timeline to show other employees the potential threat. Furthermore, information regarding security topics can easily be communicated to the employees using for example the “Message of the Day” or quizzes. Additionally, the employee gets rewarded with points for every action that is done within the application. Gaining points, the user is able to get further rewards.

Dealing with information security on a regular basis is the central aspect and guarantee for sustainability. The goal is to raise necessary security awareness and decrease security risks and incidents.

Awarity - The Human Firwall Training
Awarity┬┤s security awareness training content currently consists of eleven specific courses:

  • Social Media
  • Access
  • Waste Disposal
  • Phone & E-Mail
  • Clean Desk
  • Public Behavior
  • Acceptable use of Devices
  • Acceptable use of Data
  • Identity Theft
  • Workplace Behavior
  • Password

Our security awareness training content is ISO 27001:2013 compatible. In order to get more insights in the workflow, have a look at our online demo, which also presents demo content for security awareness. All of the courses above are completely customizable.