Awarity – Educate, Understand, Use

The first gamified training platform which integrates directly into your continuous improvement process.

Awarity Homescreen


Benefit by gaining improvement ideas and anonymous feedback from your employees.

Rewarding System

Encourage your employees to participate in the training courses by rewarding them.

Your Benefits

Measure the effectiveness of your new training content and decrease policy violations.

Relevant Information

Distribute individual and current information in an easy accessible and understandable way.

The Human Firewall

Continuous and sustainable training – anytime and anywhere


Your employees can easily submit identified issues and new ideas to help improve your business processes.

Expert Evaluation

The report will be rated by experts. Choose your team of experts to be an external service provider of your trust, an internal team or the team of Awarity.

Proximity & Timeline

Reports can optionally be published to the company’s timeline to keep all employees up to date, inspire new ideas and encourage employees.

Message of the Day
Continuous Training

Use ongoing quizzes and the message of the day to inform your employees about current topics and actively train them.

Report Escalation

The reported issues and ideas are directly sent to the appropriate department or a centralized hotline and can be integrated in an existing ticketing-system.

Rewarding System

Through targeted and regular motivation thrusts for the employee, the efficiency of your training is increased significantly.

Policy Checker

Making decisions fast and easy

Awarity Multiple-Choice
Awarity Timeline
Decision Making

The Policy Checker enables clear and simple decision-making via smartphone by asking yes/no questions.

Decision Trees

The policies are displayed as structured decision trees, which enable employees to describe their problem.


If an end node of a decision tree requires an employee’s report, it can directly be sent via the app.


Employees can easily access the company’s policies and guidelines – anytime and anywhere.

Informative Guidance

At the end of a decision tree, the user receives an informative guidance on how to handle the situation.

Individual Contacts

For each end node, it is possible to determine an individual e-mail address as the receiver of the report.

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